Most deals today take place the same way they did in the early 2000s: a big brand VDR, excel, and emails. New tech in any industry faces significant barriers to adoption. In a highly informationally-complex field like M&A these barriers can seem insurmountable.

That’s why we developed DealRoom.

DealRoom is a flexible project management tool that brings all the different technologies used in an M&A deal together into one integrated platform — allowing for higher quality analytics and improved information visibility across the board. Plus, it’s easy to use. Setting up a new deal and training team members takes minutes. So much for barriers to adoption.

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When I first found Day 1 our corp dev team was struggling through a grueling due diligence process. Everything about the deal was frustrating: sell-side mandated a shoddy data room that was hard to use, questions were being emailed around in long reply chains with information constantly lost, large batches of requests were appearing after days of inactivity, necessitating stressful catch up work. Then a friend showed me the M&A Science podcast.

I’ve since taken all of Day 1’s courses and recommended them to my colleagues. We tested the Agile approach on our last due diligence and the results were incredible—corp dev just handed off to integration and they are going Agile as well. I seriously advise anyone interested in shaking up their M&A process to look into Day 1’s approach. It’s been a real game changer for us.

Abby Tacker
CEO, Investment Banking