What happens when the top minds of an industry work together?

The world of M&A is highly fragmented. Large corporations guard their methodologies closely and consultants and bankers sell their expertise for hefty fees. We think knowledge should be available to all. That’s why we’ve brought top practitioners together to create a knowledge sharing platform connecting M&A professionals with education and integrated tools.

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Our Mission

Our goal at Day1 is simple: to help people in the M&A industry get the most out of their deals.

We believe that successful deals come from improved processes, and that improved processes come from education, integrated tools, and knowledge sharing among professionals.

Whether you are in banking, corp dev, or integration; whether you are a CEO operating at the top strategic levels, or an employee working to integrate a single function; whether you are involved from the buy-side, the sell-side, or operate in an advisory capacity; it is our belief that you can benefit from access to the knowledge of your peers in the M&A field.

Our Offerings

M&A Science
M&A Science is an open source, knowledge sharing project incorporating a range of educational material, including a podcast created by Day1 CEO Kison Patel, exploring M&A concepts with active professionals, a blog covering topics related to every aspect of the M&A world, a comprehensive glossary of M&A terms and concepts, and a collection of case files examining lessons from actual deals.
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First released in 2012, DealRoom is the heart of Day1. A project management tool specifically adapted to the needs of M&A, DealRoom helps teams manage and process deals from start to finish—all in one streamlined platform. The design and function of DealRoom embody the principles of the Agile methodology.
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FirmRoom is a simple and powerful data room designed around two principles: ease of use and maximum security. Many virtual data rooms are confusing, difficult to use, and full of design flaws which slow down document processing and create bottlenecks. FirmRoom breaks this pattern without breaking the bank.
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Agile M&A Training
A series of courses and interactive workshops focused on refining M&A processes from every stage of the deal, sourcing through integration. Our M&A training integrates tried and true techniques from industry experts within a new procedural framework: Agile M&A. The ultimate goal of our training project is to create an industry-wide collaborative framework for the M&A process.
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Join us as we gather educational resources, create tools, and train practitioners for the next generation of dealmaking.

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About Our Network

We are former M&A practitioners committed to developing practical, innovative trainings and technologies that will disrupt and transform the outdated methods of M&A.

Our primary goal is to help stakeholders work more quickly and effectively by improving communication, transparency, and workflow — thereby minimizing deal obstacles and maximizing deal value.

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